How To Blót ? – The Basics

Whispers of Yggdrasil

In the past few years, I’ve been writing about the Norse Pagan Traditions, feasts, Blóts etc. and I realised that I have never wrote a post to help people starting their blóts or at least giving a brief notion of how it is done. Some people have already asked me how to make sacrifices and offerings and I have always helped them, giving to them the knowledge that I have about that subject, but never occur to me that I could actually write a post about it and maintain even more people informed.

In the Hávamál there are at least two lines that ask if one knows how to bid (pray) and how to sacrifice.
I understand that so many have still a lot of difficulty with this kind of practice, no one has ever born with all the knowledge about these things. It takes time. We live in a world…

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All Hallows Update


What I wore,  ADORE my new pointy hat! x3

Hello All!

At first I was not sure if I was going to do this, but in the end I decided that I should for it would help me in the long run. I am now a fully initiated witch in my coven! It took me a bit longer than others to decide on my name, but in the end I did find it. No, I will not be stating what it is on here, for you all have my public name (Kushiel Blackheart) and the other is my covens’. I’m wondering about deciding on a personal one for my solitary works, but have yet to have the urge to find it like I did with my coven.

We played several games throughout the day, ones that would let us collect points to get prizes and watched a few informational videos in between. The weather was epic, 70 degrees! We got hot while playing the scavenger hunt that we had in the wooded backyard. The Bingo game was amusing, for several of us were fighting to win via a single spot. Sadly, due to personal reasons we did loose a member on that day, but they were notified that should they decide to come back that we would do so with open hearts and arms.

I did have some videos to show, but my plan on here doesn’t support it yet.

Antsy Autumn

Normally once autumn comes around my body starts to go into its “hibernation” mode. Not this year. I don’t know why but I’ve been wanting to ‘move’ to do SOMETHING. I’ve started my plants, got back into my creative wire wrappings and oddly….I want to clean.

I have never really been an organized person, even if my astrological sign is a Virgo (organized chaos has been my calling card for years!). Bad habits from living with my mother continued to becoming bad adult ones and its something that I do want to break out of. I think this is in part of why I am so antsy, my physical and spiritual body has had enough of being stagnant and now wants to ‘move‘!

It is slow going though, for my many ideas require more money and time than what I have as of right now. It gets upsetting at times being constricted by those two things, but sadly I have to pull up those big girl panties and adult. Eventually I will get my ideas done, and then become more organized and aware of what is needed when I get antsy again.

Spending, spending, spending…

I was a very bad witch today….

I spent money buying more plants instead of saving it for lunches the next two weeks. xD
I couldn’t help myself, I finally, FINALLY got a aloe plant that I’ve been looking for months now. Wandered over to the garden area-which was totally decked out in x-mas items ALREADY-and found some russian sage! Then when I went to grab more salads, saw that they had some really good and healthy looking mint…… totally swiped it. I really was considering getting another rosemary plant, they were just so bushy and vibrant! Decided not to get it though since its been getting cooler at night now.

Fall Update/s

Hallo everyone!

Yes, I know its been awhile since I have really posted anything! No worries though, I’ve been working through some things that dealt with the Coven and other mundane stuff.(Yay….bills) Other than that, my personal dealings with my spiritual life have come to a stop, partly due to be being lazy and the other half being the things stated above.

There are a few things- feelings and sudden awareness- that have come to me while I have been working through my stagnate, mundane, lazy-itis. I haven’t really talked about this, but when I was younger I was addicted to collecting and reading about rocks, stones, gemstones, ect. For the longest time I was considering becoming a geologist, or even a gemologist, sadly due to parental and other adult advice, I decided against attaining that dream.  My point being, I have that urge to collect once more, and its becoming stronger as the weeks/months go by. I am a earth sign; so I’ve always had a special connection to the ground and other earthy things, but its a stronger pull now and one that I want to indulge but things just aren’t looking good in that regard.

My secondary urge is to grow herbs. I’ve bought a little rosemary plant from Wal-Mart several months ago and if I can keep the little sucker alive til next spring; I’ll start planning on buying  lavender, thyme and sage also! I have been able to keep my several pots of spider plants alive for almost two years now, hence why I got the rosemary. My biggest issue is the fact that I don’t have a good place to grow herbs…I have several sun facing windows, but the ledge is WAY too small to grow anything bigger than the little cup sized plants. Which due to the fact that I’m wanting to use the herbs for several things, won’t work. I’m considering on getting my hubby to make a ledge planter that I can hook into the window when its shut, but that may have to wait till we buy the place we are renting.

I have so many ideas, just not the time nor money! Sometimes it makes me wish that I was a kid once more~

The Hidden Super Powers of Your Chakras


Did you know that you have at least 7 super powers that you can tap into at any given moment?

We are so powerful that we have SEVEN main energetic vortexes spinning in our body that we can access and use to transform any area of our lives that we wish.  I am about to take you on a journey through each one and introduce you to your super powers that each holds for you, waiting for you.

392502_470245936341496_1211403908_n Root

At the very bottom of your spine is your connection to the Earth. This is where your power to create abundance lies. This is your stability, your survival.  This is where you cultivate courage and banish fear.  If you are ever feeling out of control, fearful, and/or angry, here are some things that you can do to reconnect to and bring your roots back into balance, so you can rock your…

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